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No matter how long you book your trip for, we will always strive to ensure you have the very best time, making memories to last a lifetime.   

Before your trip, we ask you to arrive 10-15 minutes before your designated departure time.  That will give us a few moments to go over safety instructions and answer any questions.  


Setting off from the dock, most days we stop at the bait banks on our way out.  Dead bait is always available, but live bait is preferred for some species of fish.  Most customers enjoy catching live bait themselves but for those that would rather save the time, buying a scoop of live bait from one of the bait boats is usually available, too.  They usually charge around $20 per scoop.  


After we are stocked up on live bait, we will head out to the fishing grounds.  If we are bottom fishing, we will usually run to the farthest spot and fish our way back in. The longer the trip, the further out we are able to go. 

Our deckhand, Gavin, will take care of you every step of the way.  Baiting hooks, answering questions, whatever you need.  

Once we are back at the dock, after your charter, we will hang up your catch for pictures and bragging rights.  Once the fish stories are recorded,  Gavin will get your fish cleaned, bagged, and ready for you to take home.  

PLEASE remember to tip your deckhand, Gavin!!!.   He works for tips.  15-20% is customary.

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