Destin red grouper is a bottom fish that is likely to put up quite a fight while you reel it in. Their season and bag limits are difficult to predict because the federal government is always changing it on a dime. In 2014 three was the limit, but it may change in between now and the opening of the next season. The size has remained consistent at 20”.

Destin red grouper are so-called because of their color. Depending on the age of the fish, most are brownish red, with the color fading as the fish ages. The red is intermingled with white splotches and spots, not forming any particular pattern. They enjoy the temperate waters around Destin, Florida, preferring warmer waters to cooler waters.

Red grouper live up to twenty-five years, and are a favorite among people who do not like fish that taste “fishy.” The delicate flavor of the white meat is great for a number of cooking applications. Many people use it instead of snapper, as the taste is milder and it is more plentiful.

Destin red grouper is not one of the most common kinds of fish for the area and can be hard to find. It is strong and feisty, however, which makes it a fun catch for those who like a little bit of a challenge when it comes to reeling in your fish.

Though this fish can be found in fish markets on a regular basis, catching your own fresh fish is always better and with Captain Mark Walker, aboard the Charter Boat Bounty Hunter, it will be much more fun and the reward much fresher and more delicious. Destin red grouper is a great prize for any angler of any skill level.

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