Destin Grey triggerfish can be found in state and federal waters on natural bottom spots and reefs. Each person is only allowed two Destin grey triggerfish and they must be at least 14” long. The season used be open all year but now it is closed most of the year. There is no set season as of yet for 2015.

This fish is relatively wide and flat and is almost entirely grey. In some other species, fish will vary in color, but grey triggerfish come in a very uniform in color and habits. These fish are small compared to some of the other fish in the same habitat, but they are feisty, which makes them great for anglers. They are built like tanks, with very thick rough skin and strong dorsal spines, and have razor sharp teeth and tiny mouths. The more faded the coloring is, the older the fish is.

Destin grey triggerfish usually inhabit the same areas as red snapper, and as such, many anglers will fish for both at the same time. When a Destin grey triggerfish senses danger, it can squeeze into outcroppings and in between rocks, hiding from predators. The depth of a grey triggerfish’s habitat and their size and ferocity make them definite challenges, even to skilled fishermen. This fish can almost become a pest if you are trying to fish for red snapper because they tend to “steal” the bait before it can get down to where the red snappers are. They are notorious for stealing your bait without you feeling that they hit your hook. If you don’t feel any bites for a while you better reel up your line because chances are there’s no bait on your hook. Light tackle and small hook with cut bait are the best plan of action for this intelligent, wily fish.

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