Destin gag grouper is a large bottom reef fish that we, on the Destin Bounty Hunter rarely target. Gag grouper seasons and bag limits change constantly due to federal regulations so there really isn’t any way to predict what the season or bag limit will be for 2015.

For those who want this kind of a trip you will really need at least a 12-hour trip in order to be successful. Destin gag grouper are large and a very hard pulling fish. They are more fun to fish because of their size and because they love to fight once they are on the line. Experienced anglers love this fish because of the challenge it presents. Many people set out to fish just for gag grouper, in order to have the most possible fun.

The largest Destin gag groupers like to live in deep water, while younger, smaller fish will like rocky bottom areas and wrecks in shallower water. They move around a lot and migrate during breeding season frequenting reefs and anywhere where there are rocks. Some of the largest grouper in the state have been caught out of Destin.

Because of their size and aggressiveness, Destin gag grouper requires heavy tackle with any big live bait or large dead bait on circle hooks dropped near the bottom of the water.  They are big and they are fast and will try their best to go back into their holes once they get hooked so you better reel fast!

Once reeled in and served up, Destin gag grouper is one of the best fish to eat with a delicate flavor that lends itself well to both fried and grilled recipes.

Destin gag grouper fishing on the Charter Boat Bounty Hunter. Call Captain Mark Walker and reserve your day! Call now 850-650-1534!


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