Destin cobia are a migratory fish that usually start coming into our area in late April or early May when the winds start blowing east. Each person can catch one fish and keep them as long they are at least 33” long. So far there is no closed season on them.

Their migration through Destin lasts only a couple of weeks but Destin cobia can sometimes stay longer on wrecks they they’ve found so you might just get lucky and catch one at any time of the year. These fish like to congregate around objects such as floating logs or even turtles using them as makeshift homes. They are fairly easy to identify and some mistake them for sharks or big catfish. Its flavor is described as light and the flesh itself is relatively firm.

Once you  hook one the battle is on! When it comes to catching Destin cobia, the very best place to catch them is on a charter boat, like the Destin Bounty Hunter. Our mate will go to the highest vantage point on the boat to look for a fish. Once he spots one he will cast on it and then pass the rod down to the angler.

To catch a Destin Cobia you will be using 30# string on spinning tackle with a cobia jig or live bait. Bigger live baits are better and eels are a favorite. Cobias are known as “crab crunchers” because they have similar feeding habits as stingrays and like to go down to shallow bottom and eat the crabs. When it’s Destin cobia season we on the Bounty Hunter stay prepared for a surprise cobia sighting. We’ve always got tackle ready and on the deck in case we spot a fish. They could be following stingrays, or turtles, or they might just swim right up to the boat.

Destin cobia fishing on the Charter Boat Bounty Hunter. Call Captain Mark Walker and reserve your day! Call now 850-650-1534!

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