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Deep Sea Fishing Destin is bustling with activity

Deep Sea Fishing Destin is in full swing running trips every day with some days double booked

Deep Sea Fishing Destin

Lots of kids and their families are in town for a break from the long winter. They are ready to let loose and have a great time enjoying all the fantastic activities that Deep Sea Fishing Destin has to offer.

Of course fishing is one of the most fun things you can do on your visit to the Gulf coast and the Bounty Hunter can provide you that trip of a lifetime.

Spanish mackerel are abundant and they are being caught in mass quantities all over, even in the Deep Sea Fishing Destin harbor!

They are easy to catch and multiple Deep Sea Fishing Destin fish can be caught on one line using nothing but brightly colored straws and glittering metal “spoons”. No bait needed! Great for kids to catch on our light tackle and when they see 2 or 3 fish come up to the surface on their line it always brings a big smile.

The arrival of the Spanish means that the big king mackerel and cobia aren’t far behind so get ready and get your trip booked so you don’t miss out on that! One of Captain Mark’s Deep Sea Fishing Destin favorite fish to catch is king mackerel and he’s good at it so be prepared to have some high energy excitement coming your way when they arrive in Destin and you reel in your first big king. Cobia can be fun too and boy do they taste good!

Right now we are still catching some Deep Sea Fishing Destin amberjack on the longer trips and getting some triggerfish and white snapper on the shorter trips. Bonita have been around too and we’ve hooked up on a few of them this spring.

The Bounty Hunter Deep Sea Fishing Destin is in full swing running trips every day with some days double booked. The weather is perfect and so far, has been warmer than usual. It’s great to be back on the water in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico with groups of people who are ready for an adventure they will always remember!

It’s going to be a busy Deep Sea Fishing Destin season for us and we’re excited to see that so many of you are coming back to Destin this year! Our calendar book is really filling up fast and we couldn’t be more pleased with that! Give us a call right now to be sure that you get the best day for your Deep Sea Fishing Destin and your family aboard the bounty hunter! 850-650-1534

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